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Iraq TV: Bad Gulf Relations
Thursday Night News
05/28/2009 11:31 PM ET
By Daniel W. Smith and Yousif al-Timimi

Prime Minister al-Maliki made his first recent publicly negative statements against Saudi Arabia, accusing the leadership of having a negative stance toward Iraq. Repeated overtures to begin talks with the Kingdom have either not panned out, or have been openly snubbed. “The Iraqi government moved to find a normal, positive relationship with Saudi Arabia, but, our move was seen as a sign of weakness." He added, “The Iraqi government will accept any Saudi moves, because ours have all been exhausted". The Iraqi parliament also demanded that the Saudi government “hold responsible those in Saudi Arabia who released statements encouraging violence toward the Shi'a,” as the issue of Saudi minority Shi’a flares. Kuwait also was reported renewing it's rejection to forgive Iraqi any reparations for the 1991 invasion under Saddam.

Al-Maliki also directed Iraqi security forces to restrict Iraqi Imams “from encouraging sectarian violence.” On the promised cabinet reshuffle, he said it “will reach civil, economic and security ministries." Sadrist bloc members described the reshuffle as “a fabrication for the media, to protect the corrupt ministers before they get to be questioned.” Al-Hurra Iraq said that 50 MP’s signatures were collected to demand the questioning the foreign minister Zebari.

Al-Sharqiya reported that a 16 year-old Iraqi refugee in Sweden “solved a math problem that was unsolved for 300 years.”

Dawa leader Ali al-Adieb denied reports about the possibility of the party leaving al-Aitilaf coalition. MP Hamid al-Muala said that “The Sadrists and Fadila were both invited to rejoin al-Aitilaf.

In some of today’s security news, armed men in Baghdad killed Jwad Talib al-Himidawi, a member in city council of al-Sinibiya, in Qadisiya. He was reported on more than one channel to be a high-ranking official in the Supreme Council. In an IED in Mosul, female member of the Ninewa city council was injured, along with other four civilians.

In an American air-drop in Khanaqin, two Iraqi civilians were reported killed, and in one in Karbala, five were said to be injured. Six were injured by two IEDs in Baquba, and 150 kg of explosives were found north of Hilla. The Turkish army conducted air assaults against the PKK in the north of Iraq.

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