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US Papers Tue: Bomb at Baghdad Market Kills 4
Gunman Kills Soldier Outside Recruiting Arkansas Station
By DANIEL W. SMITH 06/02/2009 02:00 AM ET
Another slow day for Iraq news coverage. An explosion in Baghdad got some mention, as did a US shooting of US military recruiters by someone angry with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

From Baghdad
Marc Santora of the New York Times gives a briefing on a bombing at a market in southern Baghdad’s Dora neighborhood, the third in a month. Four were reported killed and fourteen wounded. According to Iraqi government statistics, May had the least amount of civilian lives lost to violence this year, even as US military deaths were at their highest rate since September.

Also in the New York Times, Steve Barnes and James Dao report that a 23-year-old man upset about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan opened fire from his truck at two soldiers standing outside a military recruiting station in Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday morning, killing one private and wounding another. Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, of Little Rock, was arrested soon after the shooting with a Russian-made SKS semiautomatic rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and a handgun in his possession.

It is a pretty straightforward article, with background on the two victims, also from Arkansas, and in Little Rock as part of a recruiting program which uses soldiers just out of basic training. There is also a good amount of information about the suspect in custody.
In a lengthy interview with the police, Mr. Muhammad said he was angry about the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, Chief Thomas said. Previously known as Carlos Bledsoe, Mr. Muhammad told investigators that he had converted to Islam as a teenager, Chief Thomas said.

Chief Thomas said investigators believe that Mr. Muhammad acted alone. He seemed to be familiar with the Army recruiting office because it was not far from his home, the chief said, but might have been on the prowl for anyone in uniform.
“I would say he was looking for any and all targets of opportunity that happened to be military,” the chief said in a telephone interview. “That may have well been the first place he found.”

Michael D. Shear of the Washington Post writes, in another brief article, that President Obama visited with more than four dozen patients of the National Naval Medical Center during a stop at the Bethesda hospital, one of the nation's largest military medical centers. U.S. troops wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as military veterans, are served there. White house press secretary Tommy Vietor said, "The president met with 26 inpatients and approximately 30 outpatients and their families. He also met with hospital staff."

That's all.

Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Washington Post, USA Today, no Iraq coverage.
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