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Iraqi Forces "Arrest Abu Ghraib Tribal Leader"
Council Suspended Activities in Protest of Gov't Policies
06/03/2009 8:54 PM ET

At least two tribal leaders are reported arrested by Iraqi Army forces in the Abu Ghraib district just west of the Iraqi capital.

The al-Haq agency reports in Arabic that the Iraqi Muthanna Brigade has arrested Sa’adi Karim al-Na’imi, the head of the Abu Ghraib Tribal Council as well as Adnan Salih al-Zuba'i, a member of the council.

Al-Haq notes that the Abu Ghraib council had conducted several “reconciliation conferences” with neighboring areas including al-Shu'la, al-Huriya, and Kadhimiya, all predominantly Shi'a areas.

The agency adds that unnamed “local sources in Abu Ghraib” report that the arrest operation came after the Abu Ghraib Tribal Council suspended its activity in response to what the sources term a lack of response to requests by Iraqi authorities to reveal the results of an investigation into a deadly bombing attack that occurred in the area that killed dozens of victims, as well as in protest of arrests conducted without warrants.

The council has also demanded the release of prisoners from the predominantly Sunni Arab district whose guilt has not been proven, the agency writes.


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