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US Forces in Raids North of Kut
Four Reported Arrested in Hunt for Wanted Militia Leader
06/04/2009 6:13 PM ET
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A security source in the southern Iraqi province of Wasit has reportedly said that an American force arrested four people on suspicion of terrorist links in raids north of the provincial capital of Kut on Thursday.

The source added that US forces conducted the raids at dawn on Thursday conducting raids and inspections of a number of houses searching for a wanted individual in the al-Nu'maniya district about 25 miles north of Kut city.

Four wanted men were arrested in the raids, the security source told al-Malaf Press, the agency reports in Arabic.

The raiding forces were hunting the wanted man Shakib Muhammad, accused of leading a militia force and implementing terrorist operations against innocent civilians and security forces, including murder and abduction. Muhammad did not number among the four arrested men, the security source added.

Multi-National Forces have not commented on the Wasit Province operations.


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