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“Iranian” Would-Be Bomber Thwarted
Basrans in Busy Market Spot, Lead to Capture of Bomber
By DANIEL W. SMITH 06/04/2009 8:30 PM ET
Google Earth image/Iraqslogger

BAGHDAD – In Basra on Thursday, shoppers and merchants led to the apprehension of a man described as an Iranian.

Just before noon, a shopper noticed a man dressed mostly in black set down a black plastic bag among stalls in Basra’s bustling Um al-Broum Market and walk away hurriedly. The shopper called out, and people surrounded the man in black, restrained him, and found a bomb in each bag. Police quickly arrived as people began hitting the would-be bomber, and apprehended him. Iraqi Army forces showed up soon thereafter and took custody of the prisoner.

The man’s style of clothing led many at the scene to believe that he was from Iran. Aswat al-Iraq quoted a police source as saying, “The person is a resident of the Iranian Ahwaz area,” but this, as yet, can not be confirmed.

After the man was taken away, a spontaneous celebration took place between the people who had been involved.


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