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Dora Raid Set Up by Tip Obtained in 'Amil
Strange New Faces in Dora Cause Fears for Locals
By SLOGGER NETWORK 06/09/2009 6:57 PM ET
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Iraqi forces mounted a raid in the the southern Baghdad district of Dora last week, based on tips obtained from residents of another southern Baghdad area.

Police seized a cache of homemade explosives in the al-Athuriyin area of Dora before arresting the building occupant, a lone man alleged to have links to the al-Qa'ida in Iraq organization.

Local security sources told Slogger that the operation was launched after Iraqi forces obtained information from intelligence sources of the al-'Amil district to the west, explaining that the arrested individual in Dora was a former resident of the al-'Amil district but moved to Dora with the deterioration in the security situation in both areas as southern Baghdad slipped into the control of militias and extremist groups in 2006.

Longtime residents of the al-Athuriyin area told Slogger that many unknown individuals had moved into the area with the breakdown of security and sectarian conflict in the last few years, some of whom are suspected of links to armed activity in the area.


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