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Journalist Detained in Dhi Qar Province
Al-Ahd Correspondent Taken into Custody while Covering Suicide Blast
06/11/2009 8:08 PM ET
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A journalist was detained by Iraqi security forces in the southern province of Dhi Qar on Wednesday and remains in custody, according to a statement released in Arabic by an Iraqi media rights watchdog.

In its statement, the Journalistic Freedoms Observatory (JFO) demands that the Dhi Qar Provincial Council intervene with the security forces in the province to secure the release of Jasim al-Kanani, correspondent for the al- 'Ahd broadcaster arrested while he was covering an explosion in the city of al-Batha’ in the province.

The journalist was detained Wednesday by Iraqi security forces and is now in custody at the municipal police headquarters, according to the al-'Ahd network, JFO writes.

Qasim Nu'man, director of public relations in the al-'Ahd network, told the JFO that Jasim al-Kanani, their Nasiriya correspondent, was headed for the al-Batha’ area on Wednesday morning to cover a suicide bombing attack when Iraqi police placed him in a detention facility without announcing the reasons.

Nu'man added that al-Kanani called him from the prison cell on his mobile phone, asking for help.

JFO ends its statement by denouncing the detention of journalists in all areas of Iraq and demands that the Iraqi security forces expedite the release of al-Kanani and move to stop the detention of journalists.


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