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Fallujah Sahwa Leader Targeted, Child Freed
Female Gang Member Drugged Three year Old Hostage, Sticky Bombs Found in Time
06/14/2009 05:00 AM ET
Photo Daniel W. Smith

On Saturday, in Gharma, outside Fallujah, three sticky bombs were defused after having been placed on the car of Sahwa leader Jashaam Dalaff al-Jumaila, according to Col. Hatiff Muhammed al-Jumaili, the Forsan police chief. The adhesive bombs were thought to have been attached when the vehicle was stopped near a mosque. On of them detonated while an attempt was made to diffuse it, but no casualties were reported.

Also on Saturday, a three year old boy who had been kidnapped in Fallujah three months ago was returned to his parents, after operations by local police. According to a source within the police, five of the six gang members responsible were captured. One of the members was reportedly a woman, who had been responsible for drugging the child “to make it easy for them to travel without him crying.’ The group’s leader is said to be named Abu Sajad, from Baghdad, and the rest of the gang, who had made a $50,000 ransom demand, is from Abu-Ghraib.

Security incidents earlier in the week in Fallujah include the injuring of two policemen when their patrol was targeted by a IED and a bicycle bomb near al-Hadra mosque which wounded five civilians.


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