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US Forces Set to Leave Still-Violent Mosul
Odierno Expresses Comfort With Pullout, IEDs Target Security Patrols Daily
By DANIEL W. SMITH 06/16/2009 8:19 PM ET
Photo: Iraqslogger

BAGHDAD - On Monday, Gen. Ray Odierno told journalists at a press conference in Baghdad’s Green Zone that US troops (the “combat” ones, at least) were, in fact, on schedule to leave Mosul by the June 30 deadline set by the US/Iraq security agreement. Mosul, the most consistently violent city in Iraq, had been mentioned in past months as a possible exception to the deadline.

On Tuesday, members of the Iraqi Islamic Party in Ninewa called for the immediate withdrawal of US forces from Mosul, after two civilians were reportedly wounded in eastern Mosul by US gunfire, including a female employee of Mosul University.

“First, I would say that when I...we had reservations in Mosul, that was a few months ago when violence was up in Mosul,” said Odierno at Monday's event. “We have had very successful operations in Mosul over the last 45 days. We have been able to detain several key leaders. I feel much more comfortable now where we’re at in Mosul. I also...the Iraqi Security Forces have also increased their presence in Mosul so I am more comfortable with that now. And that’s why I think it is time to leave the cities—all the Iraqi cities—to include Mosul.”

Some of the security incidents in Mosul since the beginning of the week on Sunday (mostly compiled from information supplied by an Iraqslogger source within the Ninewa police) are as follows...

An IED targeting an American patrol in Mosul al-Jadida wounded four civilians.

Two civilians were wounded when an IED targeted an Iraqi Army patrol in western Mosul.

Also, in the western part of the city, an IED targeted the convoy of a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani from Ninewa’s disputed Sinjar region, with no casualties reported.

Another IED targeted a police patrol in south Mosul, wounding one national police office and two civilians.

Yet another IED targeted yet another patrol, again a police convoy in this case, in the “Valley of Stone” area, wounding two local police officers and three civilians.

One civilian was killed and two more policemen were wounded when an unidentified man lobbed a grenade at a police patrol on Cournish Street, in the city center.

In the north part of the city, a judge named Muhammad Najim was wounded, along with two other passengers, by a sticky bomb which had been placed on his vehicle.

Unknown gunmen successfully assassinated a Saddam-era brigadier general near his house in Mosul’s eastern Philestine neighborhood.

Members of Iraqslogger’s network of Iraqi staff contributed to this report, but choose to remain anonymous, for security reasons.

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