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Forces Deploy Near Hindiya After Tribal Clash
Karbala Police on Alert After Deadly Motorcycle Blast
By SLOGGER NETWORK 06/17/2009 3:53 PM ET
Iraqi forces fanned out in an area near the Karbala-Babil border last week after five individuals were injured near the Iraqi city of al-Hindiya, south of Baghdad, when a dispute over a boys’ soccer match heated over into a clash between two local tribal groups. Iraqi security forces intervened into the clashes in the al-Khayrat sub-district, outside the al-Hindiya area, which lies in Babil Province near the border with Karbala Province. Forces arrested ten armed men as Iraqi forces clamped down on the fighting. Troops remained deployed in force in the area after the arrests in an effort to prevent the conflict from re-igniting, eyewitnesses told Slogger.

Security forces in the city of Karbala are on alert after a motorcycle rigged with explosives blew up near the al-Husayn Park in Karbala city. At least two people were killed in the blast on Friday, according, and at least ten injured. The motorcycle bombing attack came after police in the city of Falluja, in neighboring Anbar Province, imposed a curfew on motorcycles after a motorcycle-borne blast on Tuesday.

Members of IraqSlogger's network of Iraqi staff in Karbala contributed to this report but choose to remain anonymous for security reasons.


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