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Baghdad Buzz
MP: Ambassador Nominees Lack Experience
Allegations of Nepotism as Top Officials, Relatives Make List of Nominees
06/18/2009 5:37 PM ET

A member in the foreign relations committee in the Iraqi Parliament has said that Iraqi officials and relatives of top politicians have been nominated to represent Iraq in embassies overseas.

Salman al-Jamili said that the list of nominees for the ambassadorships included Ali Dabbagh, the official spokesman of the Maliki government, Salah Abd al-Razzaq, the current governor of Baghdad, and the nephew of Mas'oud al-Barzani, along with the husband of an MP and the nephew of another MP, according to a report in Arabic on the INA news website.

Al-Jamili alleged that the candidates for the various ambassadorial posts “lacked the requisite qualifications to represent Iraq overseas” and came instead as a result of a political understanding between the governing parties in the Iraqi government.


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