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Iraqi Forces to Receive Sadr City File Tomorrow
Handover of Joint Operations Center Scheduled in Sprawling Baghdad District
06/19/2009 7:08 PM ET
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A source in the Iraqi Army has announced that Iraqi security forces will receive the security file for the eastern Baghdad district of Sadr City from US forces tomorrow.

The source told INA News that the Iraqi forces will receive the joint operations center in the al-Jaza’ir Center near the Army Canal east of Baghdad in an official ceremony, the agency reports in Arabic.

The joint operations center was established after heavy conflict erupted between US and Iraqi forces and militia fighters last year.

Sadr City, known as Saddam City until the fall of the Ba'thist regime in 2003, is considered one of the largest areas of the Iraqi capital, containing around 3 million inhabitants. Many living in the impoverished area face squalid conditions, lacking vital services. The predominantly Shi'a district is a longtime stronghold of the Sadrist Current and its Mahdi Army militia, with whom US and Iraqi forces faced off in the district repeatedly, including heavy fighting last spring.


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