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New Police Command Centers in Muthanna
Southern Province Opening Five "State-of the Art" Police Facilities
06/23/2009 6:22 PM ET
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Iraqi police in the southern province of Muthanna have opened several new buildings belonging to the local police forces including new operations centers and command rooms throughout the governorate.

Col. Kadhim Abu al-Hil, director of Muthanna Police, has announced that contributions from “donor countries” funded the construction, without elaborating.

The new facilities contain barracks and command rooms and are mounted with electronically-controlled surveillance cameras throughout, the officer added.

The Hay al-Husayn police building was opened in central Samawa, the provincial capital, containing 48 rooms and “state of the art” electronic surveillance apparatus, said Abu al-Hil, adding that the project cost upwards of 150 billion Iraqi dinars.

Another police station has opened in the al-Khadar area province and four others, also described as “advanced” in their capabilities, are due to open in Samawa, Rumaytha, and the al-Hilal areas of the province. All are to feature advanced technologies for use in law enforcement, the Muthanna police commander said.


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