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Faluja IED Wounds City Council Member
Police Impose Security Cordon after Blast Targets Councilman Near His Home
06/23/2009 7:57 PM ET
Police in the Iraqi city of Falluja imposed a security cordon in the center of the town after a member of the municipal council in the city was wounded in an IED blast that targeted him near his home, according to reports in Arabic. Three other individuals were also injured in the attack.

The blast occurred Tuesday in central Falluja, in Iraq’s Anbar province, west of Baghdad.

A source in the local council told al-Malaf Press that the IED “was planted in a rubbish bin in the al-Jumhouriya area, in the center of Falluja, near the house of a member of the municipal council, Dr. Ammar Muhammed Jayid.”

The explosion wounded Dr. Jayid and three of his companions as they were exiting the house, the source explained, adding that all four casualties were transferred to the hospital for treatment.

Police imposed a security cordon around the event area searching for the perpetrators of the attack, and as a precaution against other explosive devices, the agency writes in Arabic.


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