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Governor Says Forces Ready for Handover
Qadisiya Province Home to Camp Echo
06/29/2009 8:20 PM ET
As American combat forces prepare to draw back from Iraq's urban centers under the terms of the US-Iraqi security agreement, the governor of Iraq’s al-Qadisiya province has announced that security forces in the southern governorate are ready to take the security file from the American forces.

Governor Salim Husayn Alwan announced that security forces in the southern province where violence has flared occasionally are “completely prepared” to take the security responsibility for the province after the withdrawal of American troops, al-Malaf Press writes in Arabic.

Speaking in a press conference that he convened in the provincial administration building in Diwaniya, the governorate capital, the governor added that he had taken several field tours of security installations in the province to observe preparations for the transfer of security responsibility.

The governor confirmed that under the US-Iraqi security agreement, Camp Echo in the province will be vacated by foreign combat forces and will be host to US reconstruction teams working in the province.

Security and intelligence measures are in place to contend with any attempts to interfere with the security handover, the governor added.


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