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"Sticky IED" Kills Islamic Party Leader
Doctor in Anbar Province Was Married to Provincial Council Member
06/29/2009 9:39 PM ET
A “sticky bomb” in Anbar Province has killed a doctor and prominent local leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party in the province, according to a report in Arabic on an Iraqi news website.

INA news writes that the device killed Dr. Khamis Matar al-Dulaimi outside his house, citing its local sources.

INA adds that the victim was a surgeon in Ramadi General Hospital, and leader in the Anbar Province branch of the Iraqi Islamic Party was killed in an explosion of an adhesive device that had been attached to his vehicle as he left his house in the city center headed for work at the hospital. Dulaimi was married to a member of the Anbar Provincial Council, Dr. Fatima al-Rawi, INA adds.

The blast also reportedly injured one of the doctor’s family members who transferred to the hospital for treatment.


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