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"No Pain, No Gain": Bush Speech Useful
Says "US Troops Just Can't Leave Iraq"
01/16/2007 4:00 PM ET
The "No Pain, No Gain" blog says it is written by an Iraqi "who longs for her home."

The most recent posting talks about Bush's new strategy for Iraq:

She writes: Having watched President Bush's live speech to the US public for his decision to send 21,500 troops to Iraq and seeing the mass of reactions towards it during daily discussions with Iraqis and westerners, over the news on TV and radio, and on internet programs, I have gained some interesting insight from this new strategy plan that changed the sense of direction with USA and Iraq politics.

"I found Bush's speech to rather useful irregardless of the times he took to practice his lines for this important event. It made me realize that most of what Iraqis understand of the situation are being acknowledged by the US. This acknowledgement from Bush signifies a good and bad sentiment; what should the US do rightfully to exterminate the unwanted result?"

A lot of the American friends I know seem to worry about the fate of their troops in Iraq which encourages them to want their troops immediately pulled out of Iraq. However, such Americans need to be aware that there is a right time for everything on Earth. US troops cant just leave Iraq with no plan with how Iraq will survive the chaos by itself. If US troops sought to withdraw from Iraq 2 years ago, I would have certainly agreed to it but demanding the withdrawal as of now is not a good idea. I believe this for certain reasons, one of them because Iran and Israel do not have one of the most relevant relationships between them and US having to completely step off Iraqi soil will have Iraq dragged into this circle of more tension and violence with its neighbors.

Two years ago the violence occurred mainly between terrorists,insurgents against the average Iraqi civilian for the sake of killing 1 or 2 American soldiers. This is not the primary reason for the attacks any longer, these attacks are morever caused by Iraqi militias against other Iraqis to gain certain parts of region they wish to make Sunni or Shia.

The police force had been biased in serving the entire community whether Sunni, Shia, Kurdish or Christian, some chose to aid their. The common stores have become segregated to whom they wish to sell their products to. And now, it has gone this far that even hospitals have stopped helping any sick and injured person. Hospitals have seperated from each other to serve their own Sunni or Shia region. Are these not signs of how deep this violence has reached? This is certainly not the best time for foreign troops to withdraw because it leaves Iraq with a very weak biased government along with its national forces. Nor would the withdrawal guarantee any better safety for the American people in USA or safety for Iraqis in Iraq who are left to forcefully live in a terrorist haven.

For 4 years, I paid close attention at nearly every governmental plan that the US and Iraq have made to help Iraq improve. And I have seen nothing but useless efforts from the US from the time the US troops joined Iraqi forces to attack Fallujah and Anbar. US troops have done nothing more in Iraq other than enter random Iraqi homes to check for criminals and live on the roof of those homes they have checked for their own personal security. But this plan Bush and his administration should define the existance of USA in Iraq.

Does USA want to secure Baghdad with Iraqis? Or does USA really want to make itself look like they cannot handle the chaos among Iraqis and thus they are to withdraw from a civil war? And can the violence in Baghdad end? This is the moment that I personally have been waiting for.

This is a mission the US should have planned to carry out at least 1 year ago to cleanse Baghdad permanently from the insurgents, terrorists and rising militias. In truth, I hope the US and Iraqi mission will succeed to stabilize Baghdad. Baghdad is teh centre of Iraq, it is the home to many ethnic and religious Iraqis and if Baghdadis cannot sort out an end to the internal violence between each other, how would we expect the rest of Iraq to agree to live under one Iraq otherwise? Without a stable Baghdad only leads to an unstable Iraq.

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