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American Woman Killed in Baghdad
Insurgents Also Slay Three Security Contractors
01/17/2007 2:27 PM ET
Andrea Parhamovich, an American representative of the National Democratic Institute and three security contractors (a Hungarian, a Croat, and an Iraqi) were killed Wednesday when gunmen attacked their convoy in Baghdad. Two other security contractors were injured, one seriously. Ms. Pahramovich, 28, hailed from Perry, Ohio, and had been working in Iraq since 2003.

According to the New York Times, the convoy had just left the headquarters of the Iraqi Islamic Party, where Ms. Parhamovich had just finished teaching a course on democracy.

While driving through Yarmouk, a neighborhood in western Baghdad, on their way back to the Green Zone, the convoy was set upon by possibly as many as 30 men with guns and--according to some accounts--grenades. The car in which Ms. Parhamovich and the three security contractors were riding was completely destroyed.

The AP reported Thursday afternoonthat an Islamist Website has posted a claim of credit by an al Qaeda-allied Sunni group.

"Praise be to God, in an attack with light and medium weapons and RPG's in the Yarmouk area in Baghdad on Jan. 17, two SUVs belonging to the Zionist Mossad were destroyed and a third one was severely damaged," said the statement posted Thursday.

According to AP:

"The statement was signed by the spokesman of the 'Islamic State in Iraq,' the so-called Islamic government that al-Qaida in Iraq and several other Iraqi Sunni Arab insurgent groups declared earlier last year. The statement's authenticity could not be independently confirmed. It was posted on a Web forum where Sunni insurgents often release messages."


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