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Saturday US Military Death Toll: 25
Still No US Explanation for Crash That Killed All Aboard
01/21/2007 09:21 AM ET
A Black Hawk Helicopter in Iraq in 2004
Photo by Eason Jordan
A Black Hawk Helicopter in Iraq in 2004
With the report today of five troops killed in Anbar province yesterday, the Saturday U.S. military death toll in Iraq stands at 25. Meantime, the U.S. military revised from 13 to 12 the number of U.S. forces reported aboard a Black Hawk helicopter that crashed yesterday in Diyala province. Despite accounts from Iraqi authorities and Iraqi eyewitnesses that the helicopter was shot down, the U.S. military has yet to reveal the results of its investigation into the crash. Twenty-five is the highest number of U.S. military deaths in a single day in two years.


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