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Zawahiri to Bush: Send Entire US Army to Iraq
In New Video, Al Qaeda's #2 Praises, Exhorts Islamist Jihadis
01/22/2007 10:57 PM ET
The tape is Zawahiri's response to Bush's announcement of the deployment of 20,000 more U.S. troops to Iraq. Zawahiri scoffs at the American plan, stating: “Why send 20,000 only? Why not send 50 or 100 thousand? Aren't you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troops' dead bodies?" Zawahiri invites the president to deploy the entire American army to Iraq, claiming that the mujihideen are capable of destroying ten armies.

Zawahiri also exhorts al Qaeda followers to take up arms and fight jihad wherever Muslims are oppressed, listing Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Palestine, and Algeria.

Click here for the video.

Here is the transcript as provided by the Web site

Transcript - The Correct Equation: Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri

The first minute and a half are short clips from further into the video, following by a graphic dated Dhu al-Hijjah 1427 AH. (On the Islamic calendar, Dhu al Hijjah month is from 12/22/2006 to 01/19/2007.)

A transcript of the subtitles follows:

In the name of Allah and all praise due to God and May peace and prayers be on the messenger of God, and on his family companions and allies. Muslim Brothers everywhere, peace be upon you and the mercy of God and his blessings.

Bush raved in his latest speech and among his ravings was that he will be sending 20,000 of his troops to Iraq so I ask him why send 20,000 only – why not send 50 or 100 thousand?

Aren’t you aware that the dogs of Iraq are pining for your troop’s dead bodies?

Send your entire army to be annihilated at the hands of the Mujahedeen to free the world from your evil and theirs because Iraq, the land of the caliphate and Jihad is able to burry ten armies like yours with God’s help and power.

Also among his ravings is that he has deprived Al-Qaeda of a safe haven in Afghanistan, the entire world bears witness to his naked barefaced lie because al-Qaeda and the Taliban under the command of the commander of the Faithful Mullah Omar are the ones who have deprived America of save haven in Afghanistan by the grace of God until they had no choice but to bring the forces of NATO through coercion and under duress to seek protection behind them

And I address the American people saying to them I know that most of you don’t understand the language of religion, morals and principles and instead understand the language of running after pillage and plunder and desires so that’s why I address with what you understand

I tell you if you want to live in security you must accept the facts of what is happening on the ground, and reject the fantasies with which Bush tries to deceive you, you must honestly try to reach a mutual understanding with the Muslims for then and only then you might enjoy security, if however you continue with the policy of Bush and his gang, you will never even dream of peace

Security is a shared destiny, if we are secure, you might be secure and if we are safe, you might be safe, and if we are struck and killed, you will definitely with God’s permission be struck and killed. This is the correct equation

So try to understand it, if you understand

You have cooperated in Afghanistan and Iraq with the Traitorous movements and leaders who trade their religion and values and with some of the states around it, ye they have only brought you more ruin, it is imperative that you understand the realities of history and religion as they really are and not as Bush’s Buffoons try to present them to you.

Ask your experts and historians they either hide the facts from you or reveal them in embarrassment, you are facing Islamic rage and facing the Jihadi awakening of the Muslim Ummah and what awaits you should you press on- is much worse than anything you have yet seen

As for my Muslim Ummah I tell it, it is the duty of every Muslim today to bear arms or to service and support those who are bearing arms and this service and support must be in accordance with what those who bear the arms ask of him, not in accordance with the justifications of those who flee from bearing arms, every Muslim today is directly responsible for defending Islam, Islam’s homeland and the Islamic Ummah and he is responsible for the efforts to liberate the Muslim captives foremost of whom is Sheikh Omar Abdl al-Rahman from the prisons of the crusaders and their helpers and we reaffirm to the families of the Guantanamo captives who are demonstrating these days in Cuba, that we –with God’s permission, have not and will not forget our captives and that their liberation is a debt on our necks and that the Americans must expect to pay the price for everything they have done to them

My Muslim Ummah it isn’t possible that Bush send his soldiers to kill the Muslims which we flee from the battle in the mazes of political ploys and elections on the basis of secular constitutions. There is no excuse for anyone today to stay behind the battle, and the Muslims must deafen their ears to all who attempt to spread in them the calls to betrayal, inaction or inclination to the corrupt rulers

They must deafen their ears to the calls of the scholars of beggary who serve those who serve Bush. The calls of the religion sellers who entered Kabul on the back of American tanks, and the calls of those who paint themselves with sectarianism and are prisoners of the spaces which America and its corrupt agents drew up for them

It isn’t possible that Bush send his soldiers to kill the Muslims while we continue to be prisoners restrained by the shackles if the organizations and foundations from entering the field of battle. We must destroy every shackle which stands between us and our performing this personal duty

The reason for joining the Islamic organizations and foundations is to attain obedience to God so if these organizations become an obstacle to performing God’s obligations then we must free ourselves from their shackles and confinement

My Muslim brothers everywhere

The enemy has admitted before the friend that those who broke the back of the Americans and the crusaders in Afghanistan and Iraq and defeated the American plot which wanted to swallow the region the states of the region are the Mujahedeen those who believe in God as their lord, Islam as their religion and Mohammed peace be upon him as their prophet and messenger those who rejected national affiliation, nationalist fanaticism, the Sykes Picot border and international law

They O my Muslim are your righteous sons and the true defenders of your honor, religion and sanctities , so O My Muslim Ummah, isn’t it time that we reject and disbelieve in the narrow patriotism which has torn apart the Ummah just as an international crusade is being waged against it which brings together Jews and crusaders from every corner of the world

Isn’t it time we reject the hateful patriotism which makes some regard Mohammed Dahlan and Mahmoud Abbas as their brothers when both of them know full well that they are Palestine selling secularist traitors who are hostile to the Sharia and loyal to America and Israel?

Allah has forbidden us in his Quran to take them or their like as friends or allies. The Truth, exalted is his He, said “You shall not find any people who believe in God and the last day loving those who oppose God and His messenger even if they be their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their clan.”

How can we possibly regard the sellers of the religion and land as our brothers?

My Muslim brothers in Palestine, Al-Aqsa will only return through Jihad in God’s path, and Jihad in God’s path is only achieved when the fighting is for the supremacy of God’s word, fighting solely for God’s sake which disowns the secularist traitors even if they be from our people and clan and is loyal to the believing Mujahedeen even if they have no ties of kinship or proximity to them. Anyone who takes a look at the secular nationalist movements in Palestine sees an example of what most if not all, the nationalist and leftist movements in the Arab world have come to. They have submitted to international law, agreed to give up the land which they used to consider the nexus of brotherhood and affiliation joined the American train and satisfied themselves with the ground reality imposed by Washington

That why I call on all the Arab nationalists and leftists to come back to Islam, the religion of honor, dignity and freedom because it is the real safeguard against humiliation, repression and invasion. It is the revealed religion of Arab the religion of truth and justice which prohibits submission to created beings and fear of them, it is the religion of submission to God alone and seeking his pleasure and his alone. And that’s why you will only find honor in Islam.

Nationalists split the Muslim Ummah into Arabs, Persians, Kurds, Turks, Afghans and others then split the Arabs into Egyptians, Moroccans, Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Saudis, Yemenis and others and thus provided the best possible service to the crusade invading the Islamic world and instead of the Ummah uniting to confront the colonialist campaign, as it previously united to face the crusade and Mongol invasions, the Ummah fell apart and fought itself, hasn’t the time also come for us to reject and disbelieve in the international law which imposed on us the Sykes Picot borders and the existence of Israel in one of the holiest places of Islam, imposed on us the crusader presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and south Lebanon and even imposed on us the pulling back of the real borders of Lebanon to 30 kilometers inside Lebanon

The one who agrees to resolution 1701 is approving the international crusader military presence in south Lebanon and is approving the isolation of the Mujahedeen in Palestine from their brothers in Lebanon

Accepting this resolution is an historic fall, which cannot be justified or excused

What a huge difference between the stance of those who accepted Resolution 1701 and the stance of the most sincere one, Abu Bakr which whom God was pleased, who when the Arabs apostatized, said ”By God, if they refuse to give me a hobble, which they used to give the messenger of God, I will fight them over their refusal.”

And what a huge difference between the stance of those who accepted Resolution 1701 and the stance of the Imam Husayn bin Ali (God was pleased with them both) who refused to give himself up saying, “no by God, I will not give them my hand like the meek and lowly, nor consent like a slave”.

And before I end my talk, I repeat my invitation to Bush to send his entire army to Iraq, because the lions of Islam are lying in wait to send them back to him killed and injured with God’s help. I also can’t forget to give him the good news that he has embroiled his Ethiopian slaves in a definite disaster in Somalia, and that the Mujahedeen will break their backs with God’s help and power and they wont be cried over by the Americans who pushed them into harms way while continuing to command them from afar for them to die in their place.

At the close of my speech, I remind the Muslim Ummah of its duty towards its sons, the Mujahedeen in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Algeria and all lands of Islam.

Back them with men, money, opinion, expertise and prayers

And I mention specifically the two Islamic emirates in Afghanistan and Iraq. For they are waging the battle in the two most crucial fields against the Zionist crusade. The Truth, Exalted is he, says” When a chapter comes down enjoining them to believe in God, and to fight with His messenger, those with wealth and influence among them ask you for exemption and say leave us be with those who sit (at home).” They are happy to be with those (the women) who remain behind. Their hearts are sealed and so they understood not but the messenger and those who believe with him, fight with their wealth and their persons, for them are all good things and it is they who will prosper, God has prepared for them gardens under which rivers flow to dwell therein. That is the supreme triumph.”

And our final prayer is that all praise is due to God, lord of the worlds, and may peace and prayers be on our master Mohammed and upon his family and companions



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