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IraqSlogger's SOU Word Count Contest
Guess Each and Every 2007 Category Number Exactly and Win $2,007
01/23/2007 00:50 AM ET
President Bush Says2001200220032004200520062007
North Korea/n014111?

Entry deadline: 1600et today (January 23).

All the more reason to tune in to President Bush's State of the Union Address tonight: IraqSlogger's State of the Union Address Word Count Contest. Guess each and every 2007 category precisely, be the first with the correct answer, and win $2,007.

Contest rules:
1. All entries must be sent to by 1600et January 23.
2. One entry per contestant.
3. Name and return e-mail address required.
4. White House staff/interns and senior U.S. officials are ineligible.
5. Any winner whose actual name is not submitted is disqualified.
6. In event of a tie, the earliest correct entry wins.
7. Word count according to official White House transcript (as delivered).
8. IraqSlogger's ruling on a winner is the final word.
9. The winner must agree to be profiled by/on IraqSlogger.


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