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Kut Commander Reported to Face Charges of Forgery, Fuel Smuggling
A high-level Iraqi security official in Wasit Province is to be charged with various counts of forgery and fuel smuggling according to reports in Arabic in Iraqi cyberspace.

The anti-government Haq News Agency reports that its sources in the Interior Ministry have disclosed that arrest warrants will be issued for Maj. Majid Latif al-Amara, identifited...

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Qadisiya Province Home to Camp Echo
As American combat forces prepare to draw back from Iraq's urban centers under the terms of the US-Iraqi security agreement, the governor of Iraq’s al-Qadisiya province has announced that security forces in the southern governorate are ready to take the security file from the American forces.

Governor Salim Husayn Alwan announced that security...

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Othman: Maliki-Backed Groups, not Kurds, Lie Behind Displacement of Christians
Iraqi MP Mahmoud Othman, representing the Kurdistan Coalition in the Baghdad Parliament.
Iraqi MP Mahmoud Othman, representing the Kurdistan Coalition in the Baghdad Parliament.
Amid an ongoing war of words between prominent Iraqi political factions over the forced displacement of members of the minority Christian population in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, Kurdish MP Mahmoud Othman has claimed that militias loyal to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki are behind the violence against Christians in the northern Iraqi city.

Thousands of Iraqi Christians fled the city of Mosul last fall after a wave of violence that targeted their community.

Allegations from Arab quarters, including the outspoken Mosul-based MP Usama al-Najifi, have often focused on Kurdish militia forces deployed in Mosul as allegedly lying behind the mass dis...

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Design to be Completed Soon on $4 Billion Project
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Driver Unwitting Accomplice in Bid to Move Sectarian Writing into Salah al-Din
Shadowy "Special Groups", not the Mahdi Army, are Spoken of in Whispers

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