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New Legislation A "Feast of Ad Hoc Ethno-religious Cake-sharing," Analyst Says
As the Iraqi Parliament passes the long-debated provincial elections law, Reidar Visser of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs posts the following commentary on his website.

The law on the Iraqi provincial elections was passed by the Iraqi parliament on 22 July. The adopted text largely reflects earlier drafts that have been circulating...

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Yon Reports "They Love Drugs, Prostitutes, and the Power of the Gun"
Blogger/journalist Michael Yon offers a revealing report from Iraq today with what he says is photographic evidence that al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists frequented brothels in the one-time AQI stronghold of Tal Afar in northwest Iraq.

Here's an excerpt from Yon's report:

These types of terrorists used to lay up with prostitutes in downtown Tal Afar, which isn’t so uncommon – for years brothels have been an excellent source of information against al Qaeda from Mosul to Baghdad. The al Qaeda terrorists don’t save themselves for...
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Wired's Shachtman Scoops: Air Force Users Lose Access to More Sites
From Wired's Danger Room blog.
From Wired's Danger Room blog.
Here is the first graph of Noah Shachtman's report:
The Air Force is tightening restrictions on which blogs its troops can read, cutting off access to just about any independent site with the word "blog" in its web address. It's the latest move in a larger struggle within the military over the value -- and hazards -- of...
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