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Lack of Details Given By Officials Facilitates Public Misunderstanding
As GIs Become Scarcer in Iraq's Cities, the Nation's Own Security is Out in Full Force
Photo: Daniel W. Smith
As GIs Become Scarcer in Iraq's Cities, the Nation's Own Security is Out in Full Force

BAGHDAD - As celebrations are thrown and omnipresent Iraqi security vehicles are decorated with chains of colorful plastic flowers, much the Iraqi public is being given a false impression. The government, individual politicians, and much of...

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Border Surveillance, Checkpoints to Block "Infiltration" over Eastern Frontier
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Iraqi forces in the southern province of Maysan have reinforced their positions along the Iran-Iraq border, according to remarks by the top provincial security officer reported in Arabic.

Maj. Gen. Sa’d Ali Ati al-Harbiya, commander of Maysan Police said that “Intensive security measures have been...

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Doctor in Anbar Province Was Married to Provincial Council Member
A “sticky bomb” in Anbar Province has killed a doctor and prominent local leader in the Iraqi Islamic Party in the province, according to a report in Arabic on an Iraqi news website.

INA news writes that the device killed Dr. Khamis Matar al-Dulaimi outside his house, citing its local sources.

INA adds that the victim was a surgeon in...

Editor Says Actions are Politically Motivated, Orchestrated by PUK
Demonstrations Against Iraqi Army and Police
In Aftermath of Bombing, Demands for National Unity and Purge of Security Forces
Captian of Amiriyat al-Falluja's Rapid Response Force Perishes in Roadside Blast
NNN: Dhi Qar Authorities Will Apologize for Legal Action over Report
JFO: Nasiriya News Net Faces Fines for Reporting on Poor Services
Second Major Explosion in Al-Maridi Market in Two Months
Report: Teachers in Villages Near Mosul Ordered to Drop Arabic in Instruction
Checkpoints and Auto Bans as Police, Army Forces Fan Out
Police Impose Security Cordon after Blast Targets Councilman Near His Home
Southern Province Opening Five "State-of the Art" Police Facilities
Al-Samara'i Lifts Ban after Access Blocked Nine Months Ago over Cartoons
In a Disputed District of Ninewa, Kurdish Officials Up the Ante
Handover of Joint Operations Center Scheduled in Sprawling Baghdad District
Detention of Two Councilmen Reportedly Tips Off Cycle of Arrests and Violence
Jami'a District Resident Says Families Depart, Fearing "Sectarian" Detentions
Iranian-Made Missiles Found Among Massive Cache in House

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