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Dramatic Fluctuations in Black-Market Fuel Prices since Mid-December
Auto fuel (ID/liter)
13-Dec 30-Jan Percent change
Baghdad al-Jadida 700 600 -14.3%
Sadr City 650 650
Harthiya 700 700
'Amil 700 800 14.3%
Sha'b 800 800
Ghazaliya 700 800 14.3%
Mansour 800 800
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Violent Deaths This Year Averaged 25 Per Day, Casualty Monitor Says
In its newly released report summing up its data on Iraqi casualties for the year 2008, Iraq Body Count writes:

With only a few days of 2008 remaining, the year so far has seen another 8,315-9,028 civilian deaths added to the IBC database. This compares to 25,774-27,599 deaths reported in 2006, and 22,671-24,295 in 2007. This is a substantial drop on the preceding two years: on a per-day rate, it represents a reduction from 76 per day (2006) and 67 per day (2007) to 25 per day in 2008.

The most notable reduction in violence has been in Baghdad. For the first time since the US-led occupation of Iraq began, fewer deaths have been reported in the capital than in the rest of the country (from 54% of all deaths in 2006-2007 to 32% in 2008). Most of these reductions have been attributed to declining inter-communal violence.

Yet these improvements, as important and welcome as they...

Sharp Drops in Black-Market Fuel Prices Reported Around the Capital
Auto fuel (ID/liter)
13-Dec 27-Dec Percent change
Baghdad al-Jadida 700 700
Sadr City 650 600 -7.7%
Harthiya 700 800 14.3%
'Amil 700 800 14.3%
Sha'b 800 700 -12.5%
Ghazaliya 700 750 7.1%
Mansour 800 800
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