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Iraqi Parties in Roundtable Discussion on US Policy after Bush
Sen. Barack Obama surveys Baghdad by helicopter with Gen. David Petraeus in July 2008.
Sen. Barack Obama surveys Baghdad by helicopter with Gen. David Petraeus in July 2008.

Six Iraqi politicos and policy analysts presented their agendas for the new American president in a roundtable discussion in Washington last month. The discussion, hosted by the US Institute for Peace (USIP), included former Iraqi officials,...

Doing Good
Cellist/Director of Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra plays to sold-out crowd
Photo: Michael T. Luongo
Karim Wasfi, the principal cellist, director, and driving force of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra was in New York City last night, to be part of the Seventh Annual Concert for Peace, held every September 11th. In front of a packed house at Manhattan’s Merkin Concert Hall, he performed “Janan: A Requiem for Solo...
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Inspector General Says US Troops Acted Lawfully; Reuters Disputes Conclusions

The US Army conducted a flawed investigation into actions by American forces in 2005 that resulted in the death of a Reuters staffer, and the injury of another, according to a newly released report by the Department of Defense Inspector General (IG). However, the DoD IG concluded in its report that the soldiers whose fire killed Waleed Khaled, a Reuters Television soundman, and wounded cameraman Haider Kadhem, did not act unlawfully.

The report responds to a 2006 Reuters independent investigation that found the US soldiers acted "unlawfully." However, the Pentagon IG most recently concluded that, in spite of the flawed investigation, the American forces that fired on the unmarked Reuters car in Baghdad's al-'Amil district...

Alleged Contractor Trafficking in Prostitutes, Black Market Guns; Other Abuses
Kerry Tops Bipartisan List; Watchdog Fears Conflict of Interest in Iraq Policy
Allege KBR Fleecing American Taxpayers Out of Nearly $100 Million a Year
Iraq Experts With Polar Opposite Views Debate the Merits and Results of Surge
Committee Chairman Questions Whether Contractor is Violating US Tax, Labor Laws
Angry House Cmte Chmn Demands Explanations, More Documents from State Dept
Backs Bill to Prohibit USG Use of Blackwater and Other "Mercenary Firms" in Iraq
Gates Backs Petraeus's Idea of Pausing Troop Drawdown; Obama, Clinton Cry Foul
Intel Chief Says AQI "Suffered Major Setbacks," May Begin Attacks Outside Iraq
Fifith Year in a Row of Such Calls to U.S. Forces in Iraq and Elsewhere
Quarterly Report Summarizes Progress, Warns of Work Ahead
GAO: So Much Left in Iraq, Guard Has Less Than 50% of Required Stocks in US
Lawsuit Filed Over Gang Rape of Female Employee in Iraq Two Years Ago
DOD IG Didn't Name the Company, But IraqSlogger Does
Johnny Sue-Nami Filed Papers in Federal Court Alleging "Vast Conspiracy"

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