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Aram Roston: Chalabi Duped Journalists, Prodded US to War with Bogus Claims
Here's an excerpt from a report on Aram Roston's new book:
"What most of the TV and print reporters weren't really aware of was that Chalabi's people used U.S. taxpayer funding to pay all that PR and propaganda," Roston says. In fact, Chalabi and his team were so good at spin, they were even rewarded for it. Says Roston, "After the...
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In New Iraq Book, Many Darts, Few Laurels for News Outlets, Reporters, Pundits
Editor & Publisher Editor Greg Mitchell's provocative new book is a must-read for those wanting insightful perspective on how and why much of the press's Iraq-related reporting, analysis and commentary has fallen woefully short -- and continues to do so.

The book is entitled "So Wrong for So Long: How the Press, the Pundits, and the President Failed on Iraq," and it includes a foreword by Joseph Galloway and a preface by Bruce Springsteen.

In the Q & A below, Mitchell elaborates on his view of the press's shortcomings and questions whether the war would have been...

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E&P Editor Greg Mitchell's New Book Blasts Press, Pundits, and President
Here is journalist Bill Moyers's plug for Greg Mitchell's sure-to-be-controversial book (on sale March 19):
"Greg Mitchell has given us a razor-sharp critique of how the media and the government connived in one of the great blunders of American foreign policy. Every aspiring journalist, every veteran, every pundit—and every citizen who cares about...
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Review Highlights Possible Role as 'Downing Street Memo' Informer
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Soldier-Blogger Gets $10,000 for Book That Started as Blog
Clarke and Halper: Big Idea "Seized the Political Discourse"

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