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Cleric a Key Figurehead for Iraqi Resistance, Critic of US Presence
Harith al-Dhari.
Harith al-Dhari.

Jordanian officials are considering the expulsion of a prominent Sunni cleric in exile on Jordanian soil. According to a report in Arabic from an Iraqi news agency, authorities in the Hashemite Kingdom are studying methods to remove Harith al-Dari, an outspoken critic of the Iraqi government and US presence in Iraq, and...

Fleeing Iraq
'Humanitarian' Concerns Spark Change So Iraqis Won't Get Stranded at Border
AMMAN, 13 December 2007 (IRIN) - In a bid to control the flow of migrants from Iraq, Jordan is now demanding that Iraqis wishing to enter the kingdom first secure entry visas, the official Jordanian news agency Petra said on 11 December.

Jordan is home to over half a million Iraqi refugees or asylum-seekers and they are placing a considerable burden on...

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New Report Estimates Less Than Half-Million Have Fled to Jordan
An Iraqi baker tosses freshly-baked naan bread on a shelf to cool in a restaurant in Amman, Jordan, June 13, 2007.
Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty
An Iraqi baker tosses freshly-baked naan bread on a shelf to cool in a restaurant in Amman, Jordan, June 13, 2007.
Jordan may not be supporting quite the number of Iraqi refugees previously estimated by international aid agencies. A report released Friday has counted slightly less than a half-million Iraqis living in...
Iraq's Neighbors Adopting Measures to Prevent Further Outbreak
Thousands of Flag-Waving Fans Fill Ancient Roman Amphithreatre in Jerash
Government Finalizes Plans to Allow Refugees Access to Public Schools
Cellphone Video Shows Miserable Conditions of Iraqi Passengers at Amman Airport
Iraqi Exiles Take to the Streets at Iraqi Enclave in Amman
Calls on International Community to Do More to Lighten Refugee Burden
New Report Analyzes Impact of Iraq War on Jordanian Economy
Visas and Permits Set Limits on Opportunity in Host Country
Dozen Delivery Trucks Awaiting Safe Passage
Jordanians Blame Refugees for Rising Rents, Job Shortage, Other Burdens
New Requirements Could Affect 500 Asylum Seekers Daily
Group Charged With Terror Attacks Against Jordanians in Iraq

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