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RI: World Must Resettle Stateless Refugees from No-Man's-Lands
A delegation of international refugee advocates has returned from a visit to the notorious border camps on the Syrian-Iraqi border where 3,000 stateless Palestinian refugees are trapped, fleeing sectarian violence in Iraq, but unable to enter Syria without legal status.

Refugees International (RI), the Washington-based refugee rights group, participated in the delegation, and has released a two-page statement describing harrowing conditions in the camps and recommending measures to address the plight of the trapped Palestinian refugees:

Having fled killings, kidnappings, torture, and death threats, about 3,000 Palestinian refugees from Iraq are currently stranded in three camps along the border between Syria and Iraq. Denied asylum and refugee rights, they are extremely vulnerable in poorly situated camps. The Syrian...
Fleeing Iraq
Palestinians Endure Harsh Conditions in al-Tanf Camp: Eyewitness
Iraqi Palestinian children in al-Tanf refugee camp on the Iraqi-Syrian border.
Iraqi Palestinian children in al-Tanf refugee camp on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

In the no-man's-land on the Iraqi-Syrian border, sandwiched between a heavily traveled highway and a 20-foot-high concrete wall, 780 stateless Palestinians endure harsh conditions in al-Tanf Camp, which Joel Charny of Refugees International calls one of the "top five worst" refugee camps in the world. Returning from an international delegation to al-Tanf, Charny describes what he saw in a post on the Refugees International website, describing the mix of frustration, hope, and even humor expressed in a skit staged by the camp's children. Full text below:

Al Tanf camp for Palestinian refugees from Iraq has to be in the top five of worst situated refugee camps in the world. It violates every principle of proper camp siting. In the no man's land between Syria and Iraq, it is within the border zone itself. It is completely exposed on one side to a...

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Assessing Situation of Displaced in Syria and Lebanon, Recommendations

Below is full text of a statement issued today by the advocacy organization Refugees International, whose staff recently returned from assessing the conditions of Iraqi refugees in Syria and Lebanon. Read a full report below.

Few Iraqi Refugees Willing to Return Home

Refugees International reports that support to Iraqis in neighboring countries must be continued

Washington, D.C. - In a field report released today, Refugees International highlights that millions of Iraqi refugees are unlikely and unwilling to return to Iraq in the foreseeable future. The report noted that members of religious minorities, former members of the Baath party and those who fought in Saddam Hussein's army are unlikely to safely return to Iraq, while the latter groups will not be welcome by...

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