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Documentary "Standard Operating Procedure" to Shed New Light on Wrongdoing

The film is slated to open in New York and Los Angeles April 25 and across the U.S. in May.

It's rated R for disturbing images and content involving torture and graphic nudity, and for language.

Documentary Poster Banned Because Hooded Prisoner "Suggests" Torture
Horror flicks depict a wide variety of fictional human torture and terror on movie posters, but the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is apparently taking a stand against the public display of the reality that faces detainees in America's war on terror.

The MPAA recently rejected a poster designed for the award-winning documentary Taxi to the Darkside, the film's director/producer tells IraqSlogger, because they found the photo of the hooded prisoner "suggested" torture might be going on.

"They said the hood had to go," says filmmaker Alex Gibney.

The MPAA apparently felt the scene depicted would be "inappropriate" because the movie posters would be seen everywhere, even by children. But that consideration did not stop them from greenlighting...

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"Jason" Seized in Baghdad Six Months Ago With Four Other Brits
Screen grab from video of British hostage Jason, who was seized from a Finance Ministry building in May.
Screen grab from video of British hostage "Jason," who was seized from a Finance Ministry building in May.
A videotape of one of five British hostages seized from a Baghdad Ministry in May was broadcast on Iraqi television yesterday--the first publicly-circulated proof-of-life since the men were kidnapped more than six months ago.

A written statement...

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