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Bureau's Retrospective on Five Years of War Coverage
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation Bearing Witness.
Screenshot from the online Reuters presentation "Bearing Witness."
. As the five-year mark since the beginning of the US-led invasion of Iraq approaches, Reuters, which has covered the conflict from inside Iraq since the beginning of operations, has launched a multimedia tribute to its staff's work.

The multimedia online installation "Bearing...

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Pew Poll Finds Most Americans Unaware US Force Deaths in Iraq So High
Here are the first three graphs summarizing the findings of the poll:
Public awareness of the number of American military fatalities in Iraq has declined sharply since last August. Today, just 28% of adults are able to say that approximately 4,000 Americans have died in the Iraq war. As of March 10, the Department of Defense had confirmed the deaths of 3,974 U.S. military personnel in Iraq.

In August 2007, 54% correctly identified the fatality level at that time (about 3,500 deaths). In previous polls going back to the spring of 2004, about half of respondents could correctly estimate the number of U.S. fatalities around the time of the survey.

In the current poll, more respondents...

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US News Oulets Provides 16 Times More Coverage of US Campaign than Iraq
Here is the PDF of the Project for Excellence in Journalism's latest weekly news coverage index: PEJreport1_15_08.pdf
International News Safety Institute Launches Hostage Crisis Center
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Amman-Based Iraqi Accused of Maligning Security Forces in Story of Slain Family
Unprecedented Poll of US News Outlet Iraq Reporters: "It's Amazingly Scary"
Freelancer Louai al-Sakka Discusses His Work From Turkish Prison
U.S. Presidential Race Garners Four Times More Attention than Iraq War
Telegraph Reports Freedom 'in Days,' Sunday Times Says It Could Be 'Years'
With Unrest in South Asia and Campaign to Cover, Iraq Earns Only 3% of Newshole
Exclusive Photos by Scott Wallace Show Kerik During His 2003 Iraq Mission
Third Week of News Outlet's Online Help Wanted Ad for Iraq Reporter

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