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Joint Letter: 43 Advocacy Groups Laud President's Promises, but Hope For Action
Over 40 American-based relief and advocacy organizations have sent a joint letter to President Barack Obama urging his administration to engage Iraqi society in relief and reconstruction efforts, including community-based development schemes and support for Iraq's vulnerable refugee population. Full text of the missive, along with a list of the 43...
RI: Millions of Iraqi Displaced are "Running out of Resources"

Refugees International has launched a new campaign to urge the Obama administration to enhance its policies to support Iraqi refugees. The Washington-based refugee advocacy organization has released a statement calling on the US to provide direct support for Iraqi refugees as well as to lobby the Iraqi government to step up its refugee assistance, and...

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US Commission on Religious Freedom Says Iraqi Religous Groups Under Threat
Christian mosaics in Irbil.
Christian mosaics in Irbil.

Here's the executive summary of the newly released report by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, which expresses grave concern over the future of Iraq's religious minorities:

In view of the ongoing severe abuses of religious freedom and based on the Iraqi government's toleration of these abuses as described in this report, particularly abuses against all of Iraq's most...

Think Tank's New Analysis of War Budgeting since 2001
Bowen Finds "Nascent Normalcy" in Iraq; Corruption a "Second Insurgency"
Front Companies Bilk Ministry for Millions of Reconstruction Dollars, Iraqis Say
Departing General Thanks Soldiers, Cues Odierno
Watchdog Criticizes State's Plan to Resettle 17,000 in 2009
Agency Surveys Logistical Challenges of a DoD Drawdown in Iraq
Jarrar: Agreement Shows Weakness of Iraqi Negotiating Position
Full Text: Rice-Zebari Press Conference in Baghdad
The Price of Gas: New Report to Congress Tracks Military's Fuel Spending
Water Projects "Generally Successful," but "Less Accomplished Than Expected"
$700 Bil Appropriated for Iraq, Afghanistan, Terror Wars since 2001
RI Pres: First Lady's Acknowledgement of Iraq's Displaced is a White House First
State Dep't "Prematurely" Encouraging Displaced to Return, RI Says
Dem. Frontrunner Calls for "Immediate Redeployment," "Diplomatic Surge"
International Compact with Iraq Reviews Progress, Calls for Support
Reward Offer Quietly Dropped from $5 Mil to $100K in February
Report Cites Pentagon Data on Active Duty Personnel, Reservists, Troop Rotations

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