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Archive: May 2009
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Local Officials, Along With USIP, Get Together to Declare General Common Goals
05/08/2009 5:21 PM ET
The United States Institute of Peace (in a joint effort with the State Dept.) helped Diyala’s provincial government hammer out goals for the next four years, known as the “Diyala Declaration”.

From the introduction...
On May 4th, the Provincial Council of Diyala Province, supported by a joint USIP-State Department Team, issued a "Diyala Declaration" that outlined its vision for the province, which has been devastated by war, terrorism and drought for the past six years.

The Council members, who were elected at the end of January and represent the full spectrum of Iraqi politics and society, agreed upon a shared vision for the Province - one that includes security, a revived economy, transparent and efficient governance, improved education, and the prompt and orderly return of displaced people.

The event culminated in a ceremony in which all 24 members of the Council who were able to participate signed the Diyala Declaration in the green ink that their status entitles them to.
Download a PDF of the three-page English version. diyala_declaration_english.pdf
And the one in Arabic. diyala_declaration_arabic.pdf

The Accompanying Photo Looks More Like An Interrogation Than Was Probably Intended
Soldier talks with citizens of Diyala (Photo, Department of Defense)
The Accompanying Photo Looks More Like An Interrogation Than Was Probably Intended
(Editorial note: As someone who’s been to several ceremonies in Iraq held to kick off new programs, the heading for the publicity attached to the declaration, “USIP/State Department Partnership Achieves Success in Iraq” strikes me as a bit presumptive – ceremonies are a lot easier be successful at than stability, services, and jobs. Long declarative speeches and giant metal plates of lamb and rice do not a “Capable Provincial Government” make. That being said, the document is only intended as a framework, and it’s not a bad one. Plus, agreement about anything at all within Diyalan politics is a good thing. –D.S.)


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