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An Iraqi Women’s Rights Group On Hillary Clinton's Headscarf in Cairo
Yanar Mohammed, president of the Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq (out of Baghdad), writes an open letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in reaction to her covering her head in Cairo. Mohammed is not known to tiptoe around such issues - not many other women living in Baghdad displayed a photo of themselves burning a hijab on their...
For Future's Sake, Gov't Must Step Up Efforts for Young Refugees: Brookings
Below is full text of a statement released this week, authored by Navtej Dhillon, Director of the Brookings Middle East Youth Initiative and Elizabeth Ferris, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institute. The two argue that the Iraqi government has not taken sufficient measures to include displaced Iraqi youth into the reconstruction and reconciliation...
Dems Assume Endless Sectarian Conflict, Misread Iraqi Nationalism, Analyst Says
Below is full text of a new blog post by Reidar Visser, a fellow at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs, who calls out Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden over remarks he made in last night's vice presidential debate, in which the senator claimed that Iraqi society had suffered from intense sectarian conflict over the last...
DoD Misreads Nationalist Opposition, Iranian Influence, Analyst Says
Hollywood Agent-Turned War Documentarian Profiles Young Americans in Iraq
"It Remains to be Seen if Americans Will Enjoy Victory Even if It Comes"
Says Intense Fighting Keeps Relief Supplies from Needy, Denounces Evil-Doers
Without National Reconciliation, Consider Surge a Failure
Nir Rosen's Reflections on the State of Iraq as 2007 Draws to Close: Part 3 of 3
Nir Rosen's Reflections on the State of Iraq as 2007 Draws to Close: Part 2 of 3
Nir Rosen's Reflections on the State of Iraq as 2007 Draws to Close: Part 1 of 3
Political Divisions, Iranian Influence, Keep Future Uncertain for Iraq
US Has Created an "Arrogant Misuse of Force" With Civilian Contractors
Pace of Re-Settlement Processing Disregards Urgency to Save Iraqi Allies' Lives
Former Fed Chairman's One-Liner Kicks Damage Control Into High Gear
Anti-War Groups Confuse Idiocy for Act of Protest in Saturday's Arrests
Six Council on Foreign Relations Experts Look at Way Forward in Iraq
Critical of War, Mother Wants Investigation
Muddled Strategic Logic Has Retired Colonel Wary of Proposed Way Forward

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