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Hashimi's Resignation, and al-Maliki Being Behind Claims of IIP al-Qaeda Link
Osama al-Tikriti
Photo: Daniel W. Smith
Osama al-Tikriti

Iraqslogger continues its series of in-depth interviews with people of note in the Iraqi scene. In the interest of better understanding, we try to give a bit more time than is allotted for most interviews, and not limit the topic to one newsworthy event or comment.
The Iraqi Islamic Party is one of the...
Says Pesh Merga’s Presence in Ninewa "Between Baghdad and Erbil"
The Kurdistan Coalition's Mahmoud Othman
Photo: Daniel W. Smith
The Kurdistan Coalition's Mahmoud Othman

BAGHDAD – After the Sunni Arab-led al-Hadba List received a majority vote in the provincial elections in Ninewa province, al-Hadba used all its own members to make up all key positions in the local government. The Kurdish-led Brotherhood List has been boycotting the council ever...

Defamation Suit By The Iraqi National Intelligence Agency After Funding Comments
Photo: Daniel W. Smith

Head of the Iraqi National Congress and controversy magnet Ahmed Chalabi appeared in an Iraqi court on May 12. The hearing was at his own request, and was in response to a complaint made by the Iraqi National Intelligence Agency against him, claiming he had defamed the reputation of the INIA months ago, when he stated that its...

The man of the hour, as an Iraqi court throws out penalties for trip to Isreal
Surge "Like Closing Stable Door after the Horse Had Gone": UCLA Researcher
Iraqslogger interviews a member of Iraqi Islamic Party leadership
He talks of Iraqi culture, SOFA, and downplays rumors that the CIA is after him
Baghdad security plan spokesman discusses Sahwa, SOFA, Security Forces, & Iran
Temper, Temper: McCain Snaps at Huffington During Davos Forum Q & A
"The Sunnis Left the Political Process. It's Our Fault"
An Interview with the Syrian Ambassador to the U.S.

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